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13.11.2007 г.

On February 26, 1999, the State Press Committee of the Russian Federation registered a new corporate sci-tech journal Science and Technology in the Gas Industry (license №018538). The journal’s founders are  PJSC “Gazprom”, LLC “Gazprom expo”, JSC “Gazprom promgaz”.  

V.V. Remizov, holding at that time position of Deputy Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee, suggested that the journal should serve as a link between modern equipment design engineers in Russia and their colleagues involved in implementational activities at enterprises in this country and abroad thus facilitating quicker application of findings, inventions and technical innovations.   

The editorial team approved by Gazprom's Management Committee Chairman R.I. Vyakhirev consisted of leading scientists and specialists of  PJSC “Gazprom” and academic representative A.I. Vladimirov, Rector of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. V.V. Remizov was appointed Editor-in-Chief  with  A.D. Sedykh, Head of the Science and Emerging Technology Directorate, Gazprom, and N.Kh. Khallyev, Director General of  LLC “IPC Gazprom”  appointed as his deputies. Dedicated to the successful cooperation between Gazprom and Russian conversion companies, the journal’s pilot issue sparked keen interest throughout the gas industry and related sectors.

As a rule, the journal issues consisted of two main parts containing publications on scientific research and information about new equipment and implementation of such.

In 2003 D.M. Dankin, Director General,  IPC Gazprom,  commenced changes to compile journal on topical basis.

Later on, the journal saw a number of new columns. Numerous readers interested in sci-tech aspects within the gas industry got the chance to obtain information about new names in the natural gas science, to learn more about the scientists who had made a noticeable contribution to the resolution of the problems covered by the journal issues.

In 2004 board of scientific advisers was formed of competent scientists and specialists. The scientific advisers assess manuscripts and select papers to be published in the relevant issues of the journal. Dedicated to a specific sci-tech matter, each issue of the journal is compiled under the guidance of a scientific adviser reputable  in the respective field of science.  

In February 2004 the journal was included in the list of leading reviewed research journals and publications approved for publishing major results obtained in theses by those who aspire for degrees of Candidate of Sciences or  Doctor of Sciences (decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Education and Science Ministry of the Russian Federation dated 13.02.2004 № 7/6).

The leading Russian and international scientists from higher education institutions and academies, as well as from research  institutes of the oil and gas industry regularly publish their papers in the journal.

When in late 2006 Gazprom relinquished its founder rights in favour of  LLC “IPC Gazprom”,  the journal was newly registered by the Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with Legislation in the Sphere of Mass Communication and Cultural Heritage Preservation (license ПИ № ФС 77-26272 of  17.11.2006).

Transcending the corporate boundaries, the journal since 2007 has been distributed on a free-subscription basis across Russia and the CIS.

In November 2006 a number of personalities well-known in oil and gas industry science and  technology became members of the editorial board.

Official Internet address of the journal is

 Issues covered by the journal

  1. Geology and geophysics

  2. Well construction

  3. Field exploitation and hydrocarbon production

  4. Non-conventional gas resource development

  5. Gas processing

  6. Hydrocarbon trunk-pipe transportation

  7. Gas underground storage

  8. Gas industry economics and organization

  9. Environmental and industrial safety

  10. Energy efficiency




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