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13.11.2007 г.

Rules of submitting, reviewing and publishing in the journal “Science and technology in the gas industry”

Requirements to papers submitted for publication in in the journal “Science and technology in the gas industry”

1. The text must be presented as a printed version (A4 format) and MS Word file using Times New Roman font, 14 point type with 1.5-line spacing. The pages should have the continuous numbering. The acronyms used in the text are to be interpreted.
The paper should also include key words, an Abstract (6-10 lines) and a list of references.
2. All formulas are to be interpreted (all formula symbols should be explained).
3. All dimensions and measurements mentioned in the paper should comply with the International System of Units (SI).
4. All tables and figures should be titled. The text must contain references to the tables and figures.   
5. Digital photos should have at least 300 dpi resolution. File must be submitted in *.tif format.
6. Graphic materials should be presented in separate files in original program formats (figures should not be placed in MS WORD file). Preferable is drawing of graphs  in Corel Draw Illustrator (*.cdr extension) and Adobe Illustrator (*.eps extension).
7. Adjoined to the paper should be complete information on the authors, including name, patronymic, family name, contact phone numbers, name of employing company or educating institute, job position, academic degrees and ranks, business address with postal code and e-mail.
8. Publication is free of charge.
9. The papers must be published for the first time.  

Rules of reviewing manuscripts in the journal “Science and technology in the gas industry”

1.1. Submitted manuscripts should comply with Rules “Rule of submitting manuscripts by the authors” and with “Rules of material formatting’.
1.2. Depending on the theme of scientific research or that of reviewed issues the manuscript is sent for expert reviewing to specialists in the relevant field (Doctors or Candidates of Sciences).   
1.3. The reviewers are notified that, the manuscripts remaining private property, their content cannot be divulged. The reviewers are not allowed copy manuscripts for own needs.
1.4. The review may be submitted to the Russian Federation HAC expert councils following request of such.
1.5. In case of positive review and provided reviewer’s recommendations to have the manuscript published the editorial board meets to consider the manuscript and it’s review.
1.6. When the reviewer finds necessary further improvement of the paper, the manuscript is returned onto the author. In this case the date of improved version submission is considered date of manuscript submission to editorial board. Basing on the review the editors explain paper characteristics requiring improvement.  .
1.7. When a reviewer does not recommend manuscript for publication, both the manuscript and the review are considered at the editorial board’s meeting. In special cases the editorial staff reserves the right to publish the material or redirect it for consideration of another reviewer provided appeal by an editorial staff member.
1.8. A manuscript with two negative reviews will not be further considered by the editorial board.   
1.9. The editorial board notifies the author of the passed decision. Motivated refusal to publish should be sent to the author of the rejected manuscript.
1.10. Original reviews are kept by the editorial board for three years.

Naschekina Ekaterina, Associate Editor
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